Monday, November 24, 2008

A Fine and Dandy Dusting of the White Stuff

I rolled out of bed this morning to my 5:20 am "Crew Alarm," and in my usual quasi-comatose state pulled on my spandex rowing shorts (oh so sexy) and a ratty old T-Shirt. As I was about to bundle up for the bike ride over to the Rowing Room, I looked out my 17th floor window, and what did I see? A whole mess of beautiful, white, perfect, swirling SNOW!

Man, this morning totally made me realize the one thing I was missing in Milwaukee. I really forgot how much I love snow. First of all, there are all the snow related activities: skiing, snowball fighting, sledding, frolicking, eating, etc. I love just walking around in the stuff and hearing it crunch under my feet. Secondly, snow makes everything look so beautiful. My poetic waxing (something rather unusual for me) about this subject should probably be hint enough to just how much I love snow. I figure that if it's going to be cold (which it has been), there might as well be a nice blanket of white covering the otherwise gray city. My only complaint is that there are no Chugach Mountains to stare at, capped with white. I guess the US Bank building will just have to do.

The view of the Milwaukee Club from Floor 17

As if this morning couldn't get any better, I am also now D-O-N-E: DONE with crew until I get back from Christmas Break. Wow...that one is still sinking in. Out with the 6-day-a-week workout schedule. Out with the 5:30 wakeups. Out with the going to bed early on Friday night for Saturday practice.

To top it all off, I left the dorm early today because I couldn't fall back asleep after practice (no class until 10!). While I was sleeping, someone had put pine garland all over the streetlamps on campus and hung wreaths everywhere. It looked so perfect in the snow. I commented to my roommate:
"How could you not like this snow! It's like going to school at Hogwarts! Hogwarts!"

Only 4 more classes until I head to Toledo. Look forward to lots of updates on Midwestern Thanksgiving.

One Lost out to go play in the snow!


Bliss said...

hahaha, I love how your take on snow and my take on the snow are polar opposites!! (mmph..alaskan) :p

Heather said...

Rockin! Gotta love the snow. And with that...I'm off to hilltop to go ski :P

Anonymous said...

Frolicking??? Yes I have to admit that I am pining for the throaty, muffled drone as One Lost frolicks with the snowblower in the driveway. We are saving all the snow we can for your triumphant return in two weeks.

One Lost's Dad

Joe Marinelli said...

"A Fine and Dandy Dusting of the White Stuff" = THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID