Monday, February 9, 2009

Quotes, Quips, and Comebacks

A combination of forces have led me to decide that I need to have a OneLost section dedicated to quotations and other quips I hear throughout the weeks. The first, and probably greatest, is once again Laura Nelson, who showed me with her "Verbatim" section on "USC Transcribed" that out of context quotes can be just about the funniest thing imaginable. The second is this semester's English professor, one Dr. David Nunnery. Dr. Nunnery is perhaps, borderline the funniest intellectual I have ever met. He is good for one or two REALLY good lines a class.

This section will eventually get its own nifty graphic header (ala "Now Playing" and "Ring Out Ahoya," but until the Photoshop muse decides to make a visit, it will have to remain purely text.

To start everyone out, I will give you two backlogged quotes by Dr. Nunnery, and one uttered today by German Professor John Pustejovsky.

Dr. David Nunnery, on the importance of citation:
For the rest of the day I will be teaching APA formatting. Apparently inhaling out of the tailpipe of a car wasn't an option.
Dr. David Nunnery, on the perils of misinterpreting Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"
It's not about being the young individualist and taking the road less traveled. That's a dumb thing to do in the woods
Dr. John Pustejovsky on the Electors of the Holy Roman Empire
Student 1: So were there 7 or 12 electors?
Student 2: Maybe they rotated between seven and 12.
Student 3: So did some of the electors become "not electors?"
Dr. P: Yes, that's where they got the title "formerly known as prince. HAHA, Pusto made a funny."

And so your day just got a little funnier. Glad I could help.

I have two more banked David Nunnery quotes so hopefully the man continues to tickle the old wit.

OneLost out from balmy Milwaukee (60 degrees tomorrow!)

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Laura Nelson said...

I laughed out loud! Funny professors make waking up for class (you know, at noon) completely worth it.

Glad I could be of inspiration :)