Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beginning of a Wonderful Voyage Together

Well the day has finally come. All those musings about making a blog, starting a blog, blogging a blog, or just getting something up on the Internet have finally come true. Welcome to "One Lost Grizzly Bear," the official blog of one of Marquette's most northern residents. The title stems from my realization that Alaska (Grizzly Bear...get it...they live in Alaska) is WAY more unique than I ever could have imagined. From shopping to talking, it seems that everyday I make some mistake that labels me as Alaskan.

Now I'm sure some of you are saying: "But Chris...I have SOOOO much to do with my life. Why should I read your stupid blog?" I guess I don't really have an answer for you, other than that Marquette is an awesome place that I think you all will love hearing about. On this site you will definitely get a taste of what I do here on a day to day basis, the people I meet, and the potentially hilarious situations I encounter. So check on the blog, and check on it often. Believe me, you won't offend me by visiting too much.

Remember to comment on posts as well. Even though I'm a big hotshot blogger/college student/journalist now, I will still find time in my demanding, tiring, and utterly important schedule to answer your musings and questions.


A Fan said...

I LOOOOOVE your blog, man! I read it every day! It's THE #1 source on the web for updates on news, current events, politics, and celebrity scandals. You rock, bro!

-A Fan

Laura Nelson said...

Good luck Chris!
I'll be reading :)

Anonymous said...

oh man... i thought i knew everything... but i guess i dont :)
a few words of advice: dont disappoint me :)
ill b watching.... especially since im one of the ppl who gives u sooo much crap for ur Alaska home....
oh and.... good luck u hot shot freshman :P

Anonymous said...