Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog CPR


That was my not so terrific attempt at both humor and the revitalization of this blog.

So daily posts turned into bidaily posts, turned into weekly posts, turned into biweekly posts, turned into no posts and now I am in the awkward situation of realizing that it's been more than 20 days since I've done anything on "One Lost." But no more! Like Madonna, I will continue to reinvent the blog, coming back in new and exciting ways when you least expect it.

Basketball fever is starting to catch hold on campus; season tickets went on sale on Wednesday and seemed to jolt everyone out of their summertime stupor. "A big deal" would be a severe understatement on our feelings on basketball around these parts, more along the lines of "No I won't go to the hospital after my car wreck, Marquette is playing."

Just imagine my smugness when I found out that my friend and University of Pittsburgh has to not only pay more than me for his season tickets, but also isn't even guaranteed a ticket. $85 scored me admission to all men's homegames, and also a snazzy free T-Shirt (I'm just assuming it will be snazzy...I haven't actually seen it yet).

The weather is getting cold, down below 50 as I am writing this, even though the sun is shining and it is almost noon. Of course, at 55 everyone in Wisconsin starts breaking out the scarves, boots, gloves, and hats; but thusfar I have stuck to shorts and T-Shirt, using my thick coat of Alaskan fur to brave the "cold."

A note of Midwest idiosyncrasy yesterday. I was watching the VP debates in my room (shout out to Sarah (V)P...I know you read this) and my roommates would not get off her for her "accent." Now, I know she does sound a little funny ("There you go again Joe") but certainly she doesn't butcher the English language more than anyone here does. In fact, I think that the Wasilla accent sounds suspiciously like the northern Wisconsin one. It's not even as bad as the Chicago (pardon me, "Chicaaaaaaago") accent.

First crew regatta is on Sunday, so I get to leave campus at 4:45 am to go to Depere, WI. If you happen to be in the area come to St. Norbert's College and watch. I'm still not entirely sure the boat won't flip at some point, so if anything, it might be good for a laugh.

Out of hibernation, the grizzly bear is on the prowl, bringing you the best of Wisconsin from now on. Don't give up on him...he's trying.

(Homework takes a lot longer when you are constantly eating your roommates and trying to work with claws and no opposable thumbs)

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Anonymous said...

wow... well i shall consider this the best yet... my hats off to u.. not my scaaarrrfff....