Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Most Evil Person on Earth

Sorry for the hiatus, but the two days following the STAR Retreat were spent catching up on things like school work and Broncos football, meaning that this is really the first time I've been able to get on to post. The whole STAR thing was really a lot better than I thought it would be...I ended up having a really good time despite some good natured griping about missing a Friday night to be out there. I have my first workshop session in the AMU on Thursday, but the people in my group seemed really cool, so it should be a relatively fun time.

Which brings me to the title of the post. I have seen evil, and its name is McCormick Hall mashed potato lady/man/demon. I had crew practice yesterday and, as usual, we got out VERY late...like, 7:45 instead of 7. Which wouldn't be so bad until you add on the 2 mile run back to campus, so that I didn't get to McCormick for dinner until 8:15. So now not only do I have to GO to McCormick (the worst dining hall on campus) I also have to stay up late to get work done (er...try to get work done...mostly watch football). Anyway. I walk into the dining hall still sweaty from the run and start surveying the food stations: chili cheese dogs (not happening), pizza (empty), deli sandwich (boring), or salad (I am actually hungry at this point in the day...salad's not going to do). I finally settle for the lesser of the evils, the "almost meatloaf food cube with potatoes and corn." In my estimation, it was just groundbeef that had glomed together and was smothered in gravy. The guy at the station gives me one little chunk of meat (which is all I would have asked for of that stuff), a big spoonful of corn (which was no good...HOW DO YOU MESS UP CORN!?!), and then some mashed potatoes. Now, I don't even like mashed potatoes that much, but at this point, I just wanted a ton of carbs to fill up and go back to Straz without being hungry. So what does he give me? This tiny little blob of them that is almost two bites. I ask for more. He says,

"Can't dude, we are low. Got to save them."

He literally has a WHOLE DAMN TRY full of potatoes in front of him. It's 8:20 by now. Who is coming in to get potatoes this late at night? Is there some sort of late night tuber craving that everyone in McCormick gets? Is he saving them for himself?

Begrudgingly I take my plate and eat it with the rest of the team. Now Tom, my teammate, is in the same boat here. He goes back to get more potatoes after he is done. There is a different server now, but even she won't give him another scoop! It's 8:45 now! Who are these potatoes for? We are pissed off enough that we just leave. As much as I love Marquette, dining services is starting to grate on me. The food is good enough, but they have the most rediculous policies. I paid for the meal plan, they just need to give me the food I want.


J.C. said...

poor poor chris

Anonymous said...

i believe its ur own damn fault u didnt eat bfore practice.... and if it isnt i believe u went to the WRONG Pick and Save the other day.. so u should have food to eat....