Friday, September 12, 2008

A Brief Farewell

Just thought I'd let all of you know that there will be absolutely zero chance of a post going up tomorrow. I know how often all of you check and I wouldn't want to burden your time. I leave tonight at 5:30 for the "STAR Retreat," a leadership program through the Office of Student Development. The plan is to spend the next 24 hours at a camp just outside the city learning about what it takes to be a leader at Marquette. The retreat is the kickoff to a semester long program where I attend bi-weekly workshops to hone and perfect my ability to guide the Class of 2012 to greater heights. As an aside, STAR stands for "Students Taking Active Roles," not "Standing Together Against Rape."
I'm not fully sure how excited I am about the program, since it is another burden on my schedule, which is now being engulfed by the Club Crew Monster. More to come (and hopefully pictures...still no cord but I will steal them from someone else).

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Anonymous said...

i would like to think that u could figure out a way to get posts up today... since ur pretty amazing at everything else.. i mean from alaska and all..