Tuesday, January 20, 2009

By Way of Apology and Rededication

Well loyal readers, or, at least those of you that are left, this post should tell you that despite a conspicuous lack of posting over the last month, I do still exist. One Lost Grizzly Bear begins anew - with a fresh title banner signifying my rededication to providing dispatches from Marquette University on a basis that comes close to daily. The Grizzly is back, and the Grizzly is (insert witty adjective/verb here....hungry, moving, thinking, tired?)

I actually arrived in Milwaukee nine days ago and was going to post then - a sort of commemoration of my return to the always foreign and always surprising Midwest. Luckily, returning to school also got me back into my old habit of masterfully procrastinating and rationalizing my failure to complete basic tasks. I give to you, my day by day breakdown of excuses for not blogging.

Sunday: "WOOO! Back at Marqette. Geez I'm tired!" And then sleep
Monday: "New classes, new teachers, reconnecting with friends. I'll blog on Wednesday once I get acquainted to classes."
Tuesday: "Wouldn't want to break Monday's promises, now would I?"
Wednesday: "Ugh...5:45am crew practice. S...o...t...i...r...e...d."
Thursday: "What's that you say? No sir, a 4 and a half hour nap is defiantly a productive use of time. Blogging Friday sounds good though!"
Friday: "FIRST WEEKEND BACK." I will write no more of this day lest parents read of it.
Saturday: "I should just blog on Monday. I have the day off, and I'll have nothing to do. Plus, I can update everyone on the weekend that way."
Sunday: "I can't bring my computer to the 12 hours of Church I plan on going to. That would be wrong!"
Monday: "Boy does the day seem short when you don't get up until 1pm. Oh yeah, and when you spend 4 hours cleaning your room."
Tuesday: "Damn it. No more creative/plausible excuses. Time to blog"

So there is a post. A post to begin things with. And I wrote it on my birthday. I shouldn't have to work on my birthday! But for you readers, I give my life and time.

Moral of the story: Start paying attention again and I'm sure your life outlook and worth will increase exponentially with each post. It's good to be back.

One Lost out...for hopefully less than a month and a half.


Elaine Washam: said...
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Elaine Washam: said...

Get back to blogging, you owe us.

Get back to reading our blogs and commenting. You owe us that too!


Laura Nelson said...

Glad you're back!
And I laughed out loud at your comment on mine.