Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Notre Domination

Marquette beats Notre Dame 71-64
And that was in South Bend at the Joyce Center no less. I should also probably mention at this point that I WAS THERE.

Yes, rather than attend German 40 and Math 81, the "Quad Squad" (plus Mike Z.) decided that a better use of our Monday was making the 3.5 hour drive from Milwaukee to South Bend, Indiana to witness first hand Jesuit Marquette's dismantling of "that other Catholic School."

The highlight of the trip there was a close tie between mad Chicago traffic (at 1:30 pm? Stupid high population density) and our time spent in stunning Gary, Indiana. As we drove through the latter, Brandon piloted his Toyota Camry through 15 minutes of smog, steel mills, and dilapidated, unpopulated public transit stops. Ain't the Midwest great?

Once in South Bend (after $24 of interstate tolls -- really Illinois?) and getting lost on campus (apparently left and right on Notre Dame Ave. are not interchangeable) we finally arrived at the Joyce Center for an exciting Free Spirit Reunion with...Catherine Miller of Montana!

Justin, Chris, and Catherine enjoy their Free Spirit Reunion

Nothing sweetens a reunion quite like extending the Domers' home losing streak to 2 games after UCONN ended their 45 game period of home domination.

Activities at the game included: making fun of Kyle McAlarney for getting suspended for smoking pot last year, pointing out how ugly Luke Harangody is, good natured back and forth with senior citizens, telling an 8 year old to check the scoreboard before he gloats, highfiving more random Marquette fans than I can remember, and making fun Notre Dame to Gary, Indiana comparisons.

This win was big for Marquette, who had just been announced as the #8 team in the good old US of A. The embarrassment of breaking into the Top 10 and then losing would have been too much for me to bear and could have precipitated a move to Gary.

Our sights now turn toward Saturday, when the Golden Eagles take on #25 Georgetown (the school of FS Caroline Klibanoff) at the Bradley Center. A win there would make us 8-0 in the Big East and in prime position to have a very special year.

OneLost out with an MU rah, rah


Mike Zielinski said...

i decided to see if i was mentioned and i was not disappointed i see, though ever since gary i have been coughing up blood and crushed dreams

Kelley Bruce Robinson said...
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Dani said...

Way to go on the graphics here! Love them! And your new logo/header thing is great! GOOOOOO Marquette GO GO GO GO!

Anonymous said...

I sooooo wish I could have been there.... oh and that last pic with the 7-0 is the best!