Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Approaching Radio...

In the spirit of catching creative lightening in a bottle and not relinquishing it until you manage to do something to harness its power, I present the newest section (with nifty banner!) on One Lost.

You will know get to enjoy updates under the banner of:

This section is my foray into the world of recommending/quasi-reviewing music. After promising myself that I would work on more radio pieces this semester and realizing that radio takes time, this is my consolation effort. I'm not ENTIRELY sure how this will end up playing out (get it...PLAYING out...I slay myself). I am envisioning it as a place where I can put music that I am listening to at the moment and provide a short commentary on why it has garnered my attention. It might also turn into a place to review new music.

Make sure to stay tuned (on a roll now!) for more updates and keep those comments spinning (that one was a bit of a stretch, but if you're going to pun, pun like there's no tomorrow).

OneLost out

1 comment:

Jillian Was Here said...

soo i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. and i envy your talent not just in terms of entertaining writing, but in formatting your blog. how do you do that nifty little "now playing" section you're starting up?
i wish we would've talked more in DC, I think we'd definitely get along! we should try it sometime!